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Malacca, The Historical

Malacca, The Historical
Here's your chance to discover why the Portuguese, Dutch and the British fought and took over this historic seat of an empire that traded in spices, silk and porcelain from the 15th century onwards. The legcy the foreigners left behind gives Malacca a character all its own. The Portuguese settlement here still thrives after almost 600 years.
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Inter-racial marriages between the local Malays andChinese trades of old have given birth to a distinctive community and culture called Baba Nyonya, famed for its elaborate and exquisite costume, jewellery and cuisine.

Today, visitors from around the world still converge in Malacca, but this time to hunt for antique treasures. Take a walk through the winding, history-laden streets of old quaint houses and you will still feel the grandeur and magnificence that linger on in the air.